It’s the weekend, but work has intruded into my thoughts. I want to have a little rant. Share yours too.

I am the “owner” of a function at work. It’s a global team, but the bulk of the work is done by a team in another country. The service multiple countries. It’s complicated. There are a handful of folks sprinkled in various countries who also do this work, but 90% of the team is based in one specific country with coordinator supervisors who have a line manager who is my peer. I inherited the group and they had serious issues (bad hires, bad/no processes, poor understanding of the work, etc.). I’m supposed to clean up, but I don’t have direct authority to performance manage the individual people. They have local line managers who just WILL NOT HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE. How am I supposed to improve things? It’s insane and frustrating. The failures reflect poorly on me and I have no power. I went over there a few times last year to knock heads, but to no avail. Wasted travel and time out of my life. Incremental improvements only. I’m the “face” of the department and I’m tired of getting shit over it.

I also hate people who park their grocery carts right next to another cart in the aisle thereby blocking the entire aisle. Just pause before or after the other cart GRRRRRRR!

I have also overspent since Christmas and now I have regrets. I’m usually great with finances, but I just sort of lost track of some stuff due to holidays and illness. Now I’m beating myself up. I’ve been fairly perfect in managing our finances for about 18 months and I made a fuck up. Bleh!

Whoops. That was three rants. Three for the price of one.