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Welcome To The Bitchery

Guys, I'm really overreacting to the kitchenette post mocking St. Louis food. I get it — that sub blog is snarky with everyone. For fuck's sake, though.

They haven't eaten a goddamned thing St. Louis can legit claim to have as regional cuisine. I'll even agree that the sections on national shit like hot dogs and hamburgers - yes, that is ridiculous. But maybe don't be condescending about everything that is local food. I've never had a lot of cities' foods, but I don't feel the need to smugly and insultingly write off anything the residents of that city like to eat.


So sorry my fucking pizza and bbq isn't good enough for them. Goddamn. Sorry not sorry we have pride in our food. How is that unique to us? Ever tell someone from Chicago that their pizza sucks? Betcha they'll tell you how you're wrong.

"Rob: How many fucking St. Louisans have actually been to New York or Boston?

CA: How many St. Louisans have actually met an Italian?"

Why is it so hard to imagine that (a) people in St. Louis travel and (b) that there are actual Italians here? Italians immigrants became one of the cornerstones of South City, and that part of town, The Hill, is an amazing neighborhood. WHY DON'T YOU LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT IT (besides a wikipedia entry) BEFORE INSULTING IT.


Ugh, I'm going to stop. I really like that sub blog, but that damn post really is dickish. There is no need to be insulting and condescending to the food culture of a region. For what purpose? So you can smugly feel better about how you don't live somewhere that deep fries raviolis?

I get it, St. Louis sucks in a lot of ways (racism and police brutality being prime examples! don't forget government corruption, either!) but this article was really just a prime example of stereotypes. The author and contributors basically argue that all of us living here are dumbfucks with stupid food. That weren't smart enough to move somewhere else or even travel anywhere outside of Chicago (and maybe not even that far!). Or adopt other regions' foods because omg those would be better somehow.

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