I took a personal day today. I have not been sleeping well, and my fall allergies are starting to ramp up and I just DID NOT want to go to work. That’s why we have personal days built into our calendars.

Except- today I wake up to a whole TEAM of yard guys and my dogs are going NUTS and the fucking management company has FINALLY decided to send someone to take care of the dead tree of damocles threatening to crush our damn house for the last two years but did they email the Heathens about it? Of fucking course not. And this yard crew, who I’m sure are perfectly nice guys are also TERRIBLE at this and I can hear shit bouncing off my fucking roof (which was just repaired like 6 months ago) and every time a branch or whatever hits the roof it sends the dogs into another round of barking- one will begin a paroxysm of dog noise and it just sets the other two off and they have fucking been here since fucking 745 A fucking M and my head feels like a small alien is eating his way out.