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So I think I’m pretty much over dating. I mean ya I only barely started in July but I wanna quit. That guy I dated formerly known as the consort is a fantastic parade of red flags. Let me count the ways:

  1. Alcoholic
  2. Super messy (like doesn’t throw away said beer cans or food or condoms)
  3. No real ambition or plans for himself
  4. Messed up relationship with sex
  5. Liar
  6. Selfish Bastard
  7. Mental Illness that he refuses to get treament for
  8. Selfish Bastard (it deserves to be here twice)

I mean I know better I would never stop telling my friends to kick that guy to curb. But my stupid lonely ass wasted two months with a guy that told me last week “vaginas are gross” Like how in the can we laugh about the stupid assholes that say that shit and then you say that shit. Its like he took off the mask and SURPRISE everything you actively avoided in one package. Or the “OMG the other black girls I dated moved passed the race issue” WHAT that cop raped 13 black women and I’m supposed not see that shit because race is icky FUCK YOU. Fuck you for drinking away your rent money, fuck me for making that something I worry about, fuck your stance on mental illness (all therapists lie), fuck your inability to do anything you don’t want to do (I’m talking watch Empire with me after I watched him play video games for 2 hours) fuck you for saying you don’t want to watch my “black tv shows”


Upon further investigation I realize I did not carry him in my uterus his problems are HIS problems. It’s like this guy popped out of subconscious

What are you doing indeed Pele.

For all my knitter out there you know you’re donezo when you unravel that scarf to use the yarn on a project for someone you actually love.

Well rant done I feel better, in conclusion


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