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Ranty ranterson time

Yea sorry. Just needed to get this out.

Finally got my disability checks in some kind of order, and figured out my bills and all that as related to this less than ideal situation. However, since my mailman has decided that delivering AFTER 5.30 is okay (for reference, the old mail person would deliver around 12) I didn't get my check into the bank until today. Meaning, since its Saturday, it's not available until Monday. So, this means rent will be late. Again. I also cannot go grocery shopping until Monday, so I need to make do with 1 chicken breast and 2 potatoes until then. Oh, and I have about a 1/2 cup of elbow macaroni.


Any suggestions on how to stretch that until Monday? I was going to make soup, but have no broth and questionably old bullion. Would it be gross to just use water and the breast? Like I've said in other posts, this whole 'not having food' deal is pretty new to me. Not having money is pretty to me actually. This whole disability thing is really killing my self-worth and any self esteem I might've had.

I'm probably just having a My Whole Life Blows episode. They don't last too long, but it's still extremely difficult to deal with, especially when I'm home alone. I'm not even sure why I'm telling you all this? Maybe because I know if anyone would understand this life, it would be Groupthink.

Slight edit- the roommates are on vacation, which is why I'm alone. And they never eat at home (they work at places that have free family meals), so the only food that gets purchased is by me for me.

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