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"Rape kittens"

An interesting thread on the whole “rape kittens” phenomenon — i.e., responding to articles about horrible things with cute animal pictures, happy stories, etc., in an attempt to make yourself/everyone else feel better (note: the comments are on a Jez article about some truly horrifying, nightmare-inducing shit):

God knows I’ve participated in my share of “Fuck it — let’s have some cute instead” threads on horrible articles, so I fully understand why people do it, and I’m really not in any place to criticize anyone else.


But the comment above makes some trenchant points. However well-intentioned, threads like that really do come across as trivializing the story, making an unspeakable horror less of a focus than our cute pets (or whatever else). And I think it’s a good thing that people are talking about that.

ETA: I have no idea why part of the thread is showing up in this post — I just included a link to sofar’s comment. WTF, Kinja.

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