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Rape Victim The Target of Vitriol (Of Course)

New Orleans used to have a clothing optional pool; that is, until recently, when the place went under investigation following a sexual assault occurring during Memorial Day weekend. The pool now is clothing-mandatory, and someone is posting a flier with the victim's face and the words, "no evidence of rape" all over the neighborhood.

I do not completely understand the details regarding the permitting and whatnot - there have been a lot of strange attacks on places of entertainment. It's worth noting this is a predominantly gay club - so there seems to be some bias there, considering the debauchery that goes on in the touristy area.

I digress; a woman was sexually assaulted, drunk (maybe drugged, she thinks), at the Country Club. My heart just breaks for her. I've been here a bazillion times - it's really, REALLY not a sex den. It's not normal to have sex there - it would stand out, if someone were having sex. I also was here during Memorial Day weekend and it was a zoo; I can see how the security may have missed this, despite how strict they always were, in my experience.


For better or worse, the Country Club has been found partially responsible for the assault and is now clothing mandatory. I am all for it, if it prevents assaults. I don't think it will, but clearly having to wear clothing to a pool is not nearly as important as preventing sexual assault. It's not going to hurt you to wear a damn banana-hammock. I'll keep my boobs in. It's ok.

The horrible part is that there is a lot of backlash against the victim about this in the gay community. Lots of victim blaming - all over my Facebook feed (making me so mad to drive me into Facebook blackout for a while, and socially ignoring certain people). Lots of denying things, lots of "that's what you get for being drunk in a nude pool."

And here we are, with a fucking flyer with the victim's face - being posted around the neighborhood. Fucking disgusting - you're mad you can't swim nude, and you take it out on a rape victim? Fuck you. I hope whoever created this is outed, and I hope they are punched in the face.


I can't imagine what this woman is going through.

Note: the victim's face is featured, via the flier, on the link - but she had already revealed her identity. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

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