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Rapey McRape Judge Appeals Himself

Remember the Judge who last week said that the 14 year old statutory rape victim totes deserved it because she was old for her age? Well, there's been enough outcry that he's recanting and has effectively appealed his own decision. I guess he thinks that will save his seat.

Saying the sentence he imposed on a former Billings teacher for the rape of a student may be illegal, Yellowstone County District Court Judge G. Todd Baugh has ordered a new hearing.

In an order filed Tuesday, Baugh set a hearing for Friday at 1:30 p.m. to determine whether the sentence he imposed last week on Stacey Dean Rambold should be revised.

Baugh said in the order that the mandatory minimum sentence Rambold should have received appears to be two years, not the 30-day sentence that Baugh ordered on Aug. 26.


I'm certain that this decision has nothing to do with current discussions around appealing to the state's Supreme Court, protests against him, and petitions calling for his ouster. No no no. Now he's just "better informed about rape." (Those are scare quotes, not an actual quotation.)

I still hope the Bar throws the book at him, so to speak.

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