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Rapid weight loss and judgement (TW: weight, ED, body image)

So MoGlo wrote an article about the recent Biggest Loser Winner (that is a ridiculous title and they need to change that post haste).

I wanted to bring this discussion to GT because I know a few of my fellow GTers have had weight loss surgery like I have and are familiar with rapid weight loss. I know other have had or have eating disorders who may have gone through a similar cycle of rapid weight loss.


I think Erin was right to criticize the show. The premise is extremely unhealthy and potentially dangerous. I don't know much about the show because I've never subjected myself to it, but I've heard a lot about it. 1 pound a week is a normal weight loss goal. 2 pounds a week is for more intense weight loss.

10 pounds a week is NOT HEALTHY. It is not healthy and everyone on that show should lose all their credentials/licenses for promoting this extreme weight loss.

Do they even work with a doctor who specializes in weight loss? Do they work with a trained dietician? Do they see a psychologist or a social worker or a psychiatrist to help them with the impact rapid weight loss will have on their daily life? These are the resources I had available to me when I had my surgery. Because it's a government funded program (Yay Ontario Healthcare), I am able to still access these resources for 10 years after my surgery. That's a decade of professional help to cope with all the things that come with rapid weight loss. It's not just losing weight. It's about how you see yourself and how others see you. It's about managing addictions and eating disorders that can't be indulged and trying to develop healthy behaviours instead of turning to drugs, alcohol or gambling.

This is not a good way to lose weight. This show promotes unhealthy, unsustainable weight loss and eating habits. It is sick and it is wrong.


So when people get upset about this show and this extreme weight loss, this is not thin-shaming the individual. It's a criticism of a show created for entertainment purposes.

I don't even know if this is really coherent, but I wanted to open up the discussion here because the main page seems to be a lot of lecturing and trolling.

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