Okay, so Honey Heart asked yesterday about things that make you irrationally annoyed, but what about your perfectly righteous and rational annoyances?

Like, for instance, when people go to a concert but spend the entire fucking concert talking loudly to their friends so that the people who paid good money to hear the music instead get a run-down of their boring lives and likes?

Or the one that I’ve been dealing with on multiple fronts lately . . . when people “delegate” work to you and then keep chasing you up on it or even using you as an example of “why they never delegate” . . . but they never gave you actual information on what they’ve supposedly delegated to you to do or access to the things you need to do the damn thing?

ETA: Another rational irritation from this morning, but thanks to the delegation bullshit I put it out of my mind. I have good noise cancelling headphones, so I was surprised to hear someone’s music over my own on the train this morning . . . yeah, of course they were listening to their music on the phone without headphones.  Just playing it at full volume on their phones.  NOT OKAY.