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Please allow me a moment to vent.

I work at a welfare office in the northeast. I got into it with good intentions and the hope that it would fulfill the desire to help people. I ended up pushing paper and getting yelled at by strangers on a regular basis. It's generally pretty soul crushing.


Womp, but it pays the bills.

So one of the few good things about this job is the time off… Most holidays, sick time and vacation time to boot. It almost makes up for all of the soul crushing.

But recently the administration has been doing everything in their power to make us all miserable. For reasons?

They've arbitrarily decided that no more than 2 people per unit can be off at any given point in time. There are 200 people employed here, and 10 different units.


I was told this morning that I couldn't have off the days I need to get off so Mrs. Yourmotherisaclassylady and I can get away for a few days…. Because two other people in my unit who have completely different job descriptions than I have already have off.

Other people have jobs worse than mine with no silver lining like time off, I get it. Not getting these days off is not the end of the world. But I am less than pleased none the less. We'll figure something else out, but it still made me kind of (irrationally) ragey this morning.


So ragey destruction gifs! gogogo! Rawr!


or puppies.

whatever floats your boat ;)

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