Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Since filing for divorce, I've been really interested in what I want and things I like, especially sexually.

I lost my virginity when I was a precocious 14-year-old to a guy who was four-years-older than I was. Despite being an extremely sexual person with the sex drive of a teenage boy that just discovered masturbation, I've spent most of my sexually active years focusing on whatever partner I was with and what they liked in bed. I didn't realize I could orgasm from sex until I was 20 even though I'd been having regular sex for 6 years. I've only orgasmed from oral sex for the first time in the past month. I actually hadn't had a sexual partner even attempt to eat me out for 3 or 4 years at that point.


I've realized that the entire concept I had of my sexuality and what made me feel sexy was entirely based on the men I had slept with. The tongue trick I picked up from #1, the kind of motions I use with my hips is what #4 liked, the love of spanking is what #6 liked. There isn't a problem with being introduced to something new by a partner and having that become something you like in future sexual activity, but what past partners liked shouldn't dominate you're entire view of who you are as a sexual being.

So I've been on a conquest (heh) of sorts to figure out who I am sexually and what I like sexually and so far I've:

1) Gotten my nipples pierced. For myself and no one else.

2) I've been working on my pole dancing skills, because that's something I've always liked doing.


3) I've always known that I was attracted to women, but I've never had the balls to act on it, and I've been a couple dates with women.

4) Asked for a sexual partner to eat me out.

5) Got my first vibrator

I think I'm doing pretty good on this path of self-discovery and new chapter in my life.

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