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After 7 years, I am finally reunited with my piano! AAAH! In terms of actually playing the piano, I left "good" behind me a few years ago, skipped "bad" and went straight to "ugly" though, so I have to practise a lot to get up to my old standard (haaaa..). This was the last piece I was studying before I went to uni and had to leave my piano behind. My teacher and I spent weeks/months on this and I hope that one day I might be able to play ALL of it. It starts easy enough but after approximately 2 minutes the composer apparently thought "LOL NO PUT IN ALL THE SCALES" and I am DYING.

I know that some of you lovely Jezzies play musical instruments - anybody relearning instruments, too? Pleeeease tell me about it! I am also feeling a little stumped, I have got a book of Clementi sonatinas which I can bash out no problemo but I am looking for new-but-please-not-too-difficult things to learn. I can't play most of my old stuff, I inherited a ton of sheet music from my mother which I can't even look at and I want to pick up new things to get me into the mood of playing regularly again. Any suggestions? Video game music is A+, by the way..


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