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Just wanted to say thank you for the responses and support on my yoga class post below. I am going to go speak with the disability affairs office tomorrow and explain my case, then will meet with the instructor on thursday. Thank you all so much for your support and sound advice, it means a lot just knowing that I’m not the only one who thinks that what’s going on is kind of fucked up. :( I am going to take care of myself and watch out for my mental well being at all costs.

also, just thought I’d tell y’all that after my past posts about the boy that 1. the whole phone call situation from saturday was easily resolved, and he apologized again in person (lol, at this point it’s just kind of funny) and I’ve been stepping back on the whole physical affection thing and just letting him come to me which has been helping a lot. We watched a movie at a friend’s house last night and he actually reached over and put his arm around me and started stroking my hair and it felt really nice and I got all warm/fuzzy inside. Also, he seemed a lot more comfortable than he was before. I’m remembering what it was like when I was 16 and all of this stuff was still brand new and an adventure, and so I’m treating like that and I think there’s more good stuff in store. :)


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