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re: Netflix 'The King' - I'm just tired

People on twitter are excited about ‘The King’ and I just...don’t care? It’s a period piece with hot men (which is rare. Picking truly young and attractive men for these roles is unique) which should make me interested...but I’m not.

Watching the trailer it’s clear the only women in the movie will be relegated to wife/broodmare and her attendant roles. It’s 2019 so maybe the queen will have a few clever lines. Likely the most screen time the queen (or whoever that was in the trailer) will get is when she’s naked and fucking the king. And that’s it. That’ll be the female part.


There won’t be any people of color.

Maybe a hint of something non-heteronormative? If so, it’ll be paltry.

No unique or different perspectives.

It’ll be the same old white male story of WAR ANGST WAR BROODING bored to tears.

And I know it’s a historical movie about British royalty so a white man party is pretty accurate.


If there was a modern movie focusing on men and actually exploring their problems/personalities in a fresh way I’d probably be more into that.

Anyone else tired of movies like these? Just bored with media in general? After consuming so much media with PoC and women I’m just...not willing to get back to the same old boring shit.

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