Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have a friend who’s coming in to town this week. She reached out last week to let me know and see if we could grab dinner one of the nights. I said yes, and we agreed to a specific night (along with her SO and BoyPenguin). She then texted this a.m. asking to reschedule for breakfast on a different day, which is also a workday. BoyPenguin works, so breakfast is probably off the table for him (plus he was sick yesterday). I can do that morning though.

Normally, rescheduling things like these doesn’t bother me. Except, this friend does it every. time. Even when we lived in the same town, she’d be moving things around all the damn time. It’s just frustrating, and breakfast on a workday morning makes it harder, which means she may not meet BP (this would have been their first meeting). It’s low-level annoying. But only because she always does this. I wouldn’t be surprised if the day of, she texts and says she can do the original dinner after all.


Meh. This was just me venting.

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