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Reaction to Civil War

This may ramble on because I don’t feel like breaking the movie down completely so I’m just bringing up points that stood out to me beware

Saw it last night and in my opinion it was wonderful!!! I don’t feel like it dragged at the beginning though character development was needed. It really dug deep into the conflict for me. I was always Team Cap because I don’t like the thought of any ruling power holding control of a group of enhanced people. I understood certain points the other side was making, but I can’t stand Thunderbolt Ross so him telling the Avengers they needed to be put in check was laughable. (Spoilers)


Steve said it best for me when he said what if they send us somewhere that we don’t want to go. The UN could basically use them as a hit squad against those who oppose them. I get the other sides point but nope no thank you.

Tony lost me completely when he had Scarlet Witch basically locked in her own house refusing to let her leave not for her own safety but for the safety of others that was some straight bullshit. SW did the best she could in a messed up situation either that bomb would have blown up on the street and killed a bunch of people or it could blow up in the air and kill less people it was a lose/lose situation. And then when Team Cap was trying to stop the true villian because Bucky actually hadn’t done anything they put all those who broke the rules in a fucking prison in the middle of the ocean with no trial no access to lawyers and no way to get out? How is that right?

I also like how ambigious the ending was I wouldn’t say anyone won or lost. It just seems like most of them are vigilantes now. They are all still split up.

Now the character breakdowns! Can I just say how much I enjoyed Spiderman although it made me side eye the hell out of Tony for enlisting a child into his fight. T’challa was pretty good too that BP suit was on point and the retractable claws....yasss. Ant Man made my entire life when he got big. I think I may have blacked out with happiness for a second also he is all of us when he meets Captain he went straight fanboy. Ya know if I felt bad for anyone in this movie it was Bucky he was finally free after being under control for so long and then he gets framed for an attack and has to defend himself. SW was a reluctant badass but badass nonetheless, and her and Visions friendship was nice to see. Okay that’s it for now I need to go see it again to solidify my opinion.

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