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Read "The Killing Joke" and honestly, not that impressed.

I found a comic and game store near my house and checked it out this weekend. They had a lot of good stuff and i was looking for something to read so i checked out the Batman story "The Killing Joke" . I never read a lot of superhero comics growing up and most of what i know comes from either video games or movies. But i read "The Long Halloween" after The Dark Knight came out so i thought i would give this one a try. I have to be honest, i didn't like it as much. I'm not big on giving the Joker any kind of backstory. I know it's not canon any more but the fact that it was even attempted is stupid. On top of it, the comic is oddly written. The idea that Batman would care about the sanity of one of his oldest foes strikes me as odd. It also seems kind of strange that the Joker has just shot and parylyzed the daugher of one of Batman's oldest allies and it ends with he and Joker having a good laugh together like old buddies. Oh and the idea that anyone could snap over one bad day? This was not just any bad day. A bad day is your order being wrong at McDonalds, or forgetting lunch, or getting stopped at a train crossing waiting for a train to clear. What happens in this story is one of the worst things that could possibly happen to a person. The idea was better done at the end of The Dark Knight movie. So i don't know, maybe it's just me but i was not that impressed with that book. Year One will be my next Frank Miller Batman story i try.


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