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Reading Articles Like These Make Being Single Seem Not All That Bad

I feel like this kinds of emotional labour disparity really kicks up a notch when kids come into the picture - at least that’s my observation watching as my friends have kids.

I realized in my mid-twenties that this is why I’m single more often than not - I can smell this bullshit from men a mile away. And I saw so many couples when the woman did a whole bunch of the emotional labour but pre-kids it was manageable and she was under the (wrong) impression that her partner would level up post-kids. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA no. I have never, not once, seen this happen.


I was always unsurprised by the statistic that it’s more often women that initiate divorce specifically due to observing this phenomenon. I would totally divorce that dude in the article (and yes, I’m being facetious) because I have ZERO TIME FOR THAT SHIT. YOU DO NOT GET A FUCKING TROPHY OR COOKIE FOR ACTING LIKE AN ADULT AND TAKING CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN AND HOUSEHOLD.

Articles like these remind me that being single can be awesome because I don’t have to deal with this nonsense on a daily basis, unlike the majority of my married female friends.

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