Well, I just added $10 to my pledge. All the other additions made me go "meh" or "I can't afford that, even if it is cool". But then he posted that

Donald Glover will join LeVar for a special Reading Rainbow Live ONLINE event, where they'll read stories to you and children live over the internet, while broadcasting from a boat.

I don't care that I don't have kids, I'll watch it by myself. I'm just so darn amused that they are going to be doing their broadcast from a boat. The sheer entertainment of them nodding to Community like that idea was enough for me to add an extra $10. I just wonder if Donald Glover will be Donald Glover, or in character as Troy.

Also, they've hit $5 million, plus the extra $1 million from Seth Macfarlane, which is pretty damn cool! I hope this lives up to all it's promises and expectations!