1. Eight Facts about violence every woman should know.

2. Men using tiger photos for dating profile photos is now a thing.

3. In DC, lack of affordable housing puts squeeze on poor families


4. On Nasty Gal's Sophia Amoruso.


5. This 5 foot 94 lb vietnamese girl is the first person to graduate/go to college from her village, and she is the

NYT's "Graduate of the Year"

(not an official title, but cool read).

6. If you're in Minnesota, you're in luck (how often do you hear that sentence? Just kidding! Kind of. ). Arby's is airing a 13 hour commercial of just brisket.


7. 50 Cent as a life coach.


8. Taylor Swift, feminist role model?

9. Lexicographers on adding new words to the dictionary.

So, along with selfie, tweep, and dubstep (and friend with benefits, and meh), our new additions include exoplanet, heteronormative, sous vide, and Arab Spring. Some of these might strike you as a bit stale and others as ridiculous neologisms, and that's probably just as it should be; if you're exposed to a word regularly, it's easy to assume that your experience is shared by everyone else. But it's simply not true: we all carry our own vocabulary around with us, but the dictionary carries everyone else's vocabulary, too.


10. Replacing 365 ads with 365 pieces of art

11. A Beta Male's journey through the Femireich.

"And it gets worse. The Epsilons are forced, on bended knee, to cry into goblets at the feet of the Gynocrat's Council. They drink deep of that bitter brew, drawing strength from the suffering of men. The Kappas are left locked up in the vast Sperm Fields, where they are harvested for their precious bodily fluids. You can hear your screams on windless days, if you are brave enough to stand atop the Wall of Macroaggression. And the Omegas? They are bound on rigid frames and turned into living furniture for the use of the High Empress herself."

The future is a sensible flat, stomping on a man's face. Forever." Two women seize you by your arms and begin to drag you away, and you are too stunned to struggle. The last words you hear before the velvet hood is cinched around your head are the Girlstapo chief's orders to take you to the Friend Zone for processing.


12. Otters playing a keyboard.

13. What happened to the homeless coder? Here's an update.


14. Closing the gender divide. Why leaning in doesn't cut it.


How Gun Extremists Target women


16. If you missed the toast links earlier, check them out and the new stories are great too.