Hello friends of GT! I'm looking for thoughts and reactions to a furbaby situation... Nothing dire, but it definitely bothers me.

I have a Boxer/American Bulldog mix that looks more or less like a pitbull. I often identify her as a pit just because if that's how she reads than she might as well be, and she has all the defining bully breed personality quirks thanks to the Am. Bulldog, so there ya go. (Plus, there might be some pit in there somewhere.) Her name is Twitch:

Our yard is a front-side yard, no back. There's a 4 foot fence and about 45ish square feet of space, maybe more. Our house is in a downtown area (rural downtown, not city downtown), and receives plenty of foot traffic.

She's really well trained (trust me โ€” THOUSANDS of dollars and many, many hours) but she does have ongoing issues with fear aggression. We're on it. One of the things she fears are strollers/wagons/some bicycles. I DON'T KNOW SHE'S WEIRD.


She would never jump the fence โ€” though she totally could, she's big at about 80lbs โ€” but if a stroller goes by, she will sometimes be surprised by it and bark. And when she barks, she sounds ferocious. Even if I'm right there and she barks and looks at me like "AH SO SCARY." And then the person pushing the stroller gives me the stink eye. Like I own this monster that wants to eat their baby.

Here's the thing โ€” we are GOOD dog owners. Twitch barks way, way less than all our immediate neighbor's dogs combined. But they're all little dogs! And when Twitch does bark, it's not a nuisance, but scares people. I don't expect anyone to not feel protective about their baby. But I want to know what to say... Today I said, "Oh, she's afraid of strollers but don't worry about it," and the mom gave me a look like a tractor beam. Obviously that is not working.


What can I say? I do not like being the "bad" neighbor.