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Real Martha I Have A Sofia Coppola Story For You

At the fleamarket which we went to this morning my mother told me about this dealer she always talks to. He has been a dealer forever it seems at this fleamarket. Same location forever it seems also.

He loves movies sells movies, sells stuff about movies and loves talking movies.

My mother asked him if he saw The Beguiled. He thought at first she was asking about the Eastwoood version then realized it was the Coppola version.


He said he saw a movie by her and it was a historical movie. He said he could not believe it won awards and has no interest in seeimg the new Beguiled. He said in the movie they kept using the expression you know and he said that was not an expression then and it was used way too much and thought it was historically wrong thus he does not want to see another historical film of hers.

My mother does not know which movie he referenced. Anyone?

He also said Eastwood version is excellent and no need of a remake anyways. i have no idea if Eastwood version is good.

When I was told this I thought of you Martha and you may find it interesting and maybe amusing.

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