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Real privilege is...

Getting a hospital bill for over $1k, and having the money to just straight up pay it.


I'm so so so so grateful for what I have and what my family has been able to do for me, and how far I've come, and how successful I have become in life. I was born with a silver spoon already in my mouth (ok well not straight away, but as soon as I was adopted it was shoved in there!), and I am 100% willing to admit that. It's why I do what I can to give back to my community and those around me whenever possible. It's what drives me to be kind, and compassionate, and generous, because no matter what shit I'm going through at any given time, there are so many thousands and even millions of others who are going through the same shit, without the means to actually pay for it. This is after insurance too, which is yet another whole bag of flaming shit. It's just a load of shit, really. All of it.


Don't worry, I'll save my "ACA and how goddamned happy I am it was passed and is being implemented" rant for another day.

Also, CT scans and EKGs are fucking EXPENSIVE, y'all. I'll be honest, that came as a surprise to me - the scan is pretty much the only thing my insurance didn't cover and... yowza!

Be grateful for what you have, folks, and be cognizant of those in this world with so much less.

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