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Real Questions for Robin Thicke

Don't know who this John Carimanica is at the New York Times, but he takes the opportunity posed by the #AskThicke debacle to ask real questions about the Paula album. He clearly has some appreciation for whatever it is Thicke has offered in the past, but these questions are awesome. My personal favorites:

Did you think it was cute to open "Love Can Grow Back" with a sly Miley reference: "You're way too young to dance like that in front of a man like me, baby"? Would using a lyric that began with "I'm way too old" instead have required too much self-awareness?

You said that the recording of this album took just a couple of weeks, but given how tossed together some of the songs feel, musically and lyrically, and given that this is meant to be a grand gesture of love and reconciliation, shouldn't you have worked harder?


In related news, some are saying that this album is just another instance of Thicke swagger jacking Marvin Gaye. In this case, Gaye's Here's My Dear album about his breakup with Anna Gordon. Marvin Gaye was not an unproblematic man, but if Thicke had 1/4 of his self-awareness or talent, the music world would be better off.

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