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Real Talk - Baby Bakin' Edition

Looking for some real-talk (although I swear, I'm basically afraid to even ask this question b/c the topic can bring out the crazy in people). The story: hubs and I are thinking of starting a family soon. The problem: I have righteous ADD, and I know adderall during pregnancy is basically a no-go. So, I've tried not taking my regular meds for a few days just as "practice", and now I kind of just feel like I'm wrapped in a warm, soft, wool cloud of sleepiness & demotivation.

I feel like if I could even have a tiny sip of caffeine, I'd probably feel a lot better...but I know caffeine is generally frowned upon as well during pregnancy.


So, I'm wondering if any brave 'bels could tell me: did you have caffeine at all during pregnancy? If so, do you regret it at all? And is tea maybe "better" than coffee or a diet soda? Also, if any medical ladies have input on the adderall thing, I'd be interested...I've asked my therapist, but she just gives me an enthusiastic "You can do it! You don't need any drugs!" which isn't actually super-helpful.

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