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Real Talk: Making friends

I kind of posted a little about this within another post, but I'm kind of having trouble making friends at my new school, which I'm, admittedly, astonished and upset about. Not that I expected I'd make BFFS!11!!!1 immediately, but I thought that since I'm going to be in a program with 119 or so other people for the next 4 years, I'd be able to find someone I'd connect with, especially since currently, we all have the same exact classes at the same time. Everyone else seems to have already formed their cliques, and we've only known each other for 3 weeks now. Part of my problem (I think) is that I'm a commuter, so it's been harder for me to go to social events (although I went to many during my first week). I feel like I missed that key period in which everyone became close and found their friends. I mean, I still don't have any of my classmates' phone numbers :\

I don't know...I feel alone, discouraged, and lame. I don't know what to do without seeming desperate at this point. Like for instance, on Friday, I sat next to a classmate who I thought I was kind of "closer" to, but after saying hi, she just turned to the guy sitting next to her and talked to him the whole time. It felt weird. Maybe I'm overthinking it.


Meh, I've been trying to be outgoing, but I'm not that bubbly kind of person. I AM shy, and I thought I was putting in effort, but I guess not? I don't even feel like it's worth trying anymore because I feel like there's no point, which doesn't make sense because it hasn't even been a month yet since we started school! I wish I didn't care this much, and I wish I wasn't this self-conscious and self-deprecating.

Hm, it's funny because this sounds like it could have been written by someone in middle school, haha. I wish I didn't have this problem in fucking grad school, of all things. I guess I'd just like some advice. I'm definitely going to join some organizations, so I guess that would help. And I mean, I do TALK to people, but just within class. And I'm not completely alone because I have my family and my boyfriend here with me.

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