After reading some things on the main pages lately, I would really love to do a post/story sharing session/AMA or something on the realities of rural life. Or really, maybe just a lesson on how to not patronize us or treat us like morons. And, I'm not talking "Oh, I live in a tiny town of 20,000 people 30 minutes from Chicago/NYC/Atlanta/LA/whatever" type rural, I mean tiny town of 1,200 people that is 30 miles away from the next biggest city of 5,000 people, over 100 miles just to reach a town of 50,000 rural.

The main thing that set me off was reading about the guy in Washington that had to sell his house because he couldn't get internet (and really, he is across the sound from Seattle, so I don't know how totally rural I consider him), and all these people asking why he didn't use other companies and internet isn't really that hard to get and blah, blah, blah. I have 2 internet options for my town, and one piggybacks off the other, so really it is 1 option. I have ~3.5 Mbps down, and ~.6 up. I think there might be a satellite option in my area, but I'm not sure, and most mobile jetpacks don't work for people that live outside of town.

Or, I've seen it when something comes up on the mainpage about buying something like a shirt or makeup or whatever, but sadly they are rural and there isn't a store that carries anywhere near them. The patronizing "It isn't that hard to find, you can get it at any Target"...the nearest Target is 60 miles away. Or, I had somebody tell me I was wasting my time and money buying bras online, sending them back if they didn't fit, and ordering a new size (I even mentioned why I had to do this) and "why don't you just go to Nordstrom and get properly fitted and buy bras there"...well because that is 200 miles away.

"What, I can't believe you've never eating _____ type food!". Well, it could be despite my efforts to eat a variety of foods whenever I get the chance, those types of restaurants are just not available where I am. I try when I travel, but that doesn't happen as often as I'd like. No, I can't just go down the street and get a bowl of get it, I have to go 150 miles.

I'm sorry, I know this is probably a little ranty. But, I get so annoyed when people that live in cities forget that other people might not have the opportunities and options that they do. I know I choose to live like this and honestly wouldn't want to live anywhere bigger than about 50,000 people. But, don't pretend your reality is the reality for everybody. I'll sit here and be jealous that you can order Thai food at 2 am ( or for you in "small" towns, be jealous that at least you can go to McDonald's or order a pizza delivered if you don't feel like cooking) and if you need a new pair of socks you can go to Target and get them, and you can be jealous that all I have to do is step out my apartment to see the stars, and my commute to work is 5 minutes.