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Realizing Your Friend Is A Total P.O.S.

So, as some of you know, I went out to a shitty goth club Friday night. One of the friends I went out with, we'll call her Krystal, but we're pretty close and we hang out a lot and have even worked together for the past 2 years.

It was pretty much just like any other time we've been out together, but this time after a few drinks in her things started to get uncomfortable, to say the least. I couldn't find where she had run off to until I looked outside and saw her surrounded by a group of guys. As I walk up to them, she says, "Oh, this is Flossie, this is that feminist I was talking about!" and then goes on to say "I love this girl, but I think some bitches need to be punched in the face and kept in their place." And of course, all the guys laugh and agree and talk about bitches, man.

So that was an inkling that I maybe I really shouldn't be friends with this girl.


Cut to Saturday morning. I sent Mr. Lou out for some coffee and cigarettes (I know, classy). When he left, I started to make some lunch. I started to get nervous when lunch was ready, but Mr. Lou was not back yet and the gas station that he was going to was 2 minutes down the street. I called him several times, and no response.

Finally an hour or so later, I get a call from him to say he was in a car accident (some lady decided to make a right turn out of the left turn lane in the intersection downtown crossing 3 lanes of traffic and had the fucking nerve to ask "Didn't you see my turn signal?"). So I'm freaking out because my husband is in the hospital (he just had some whiplash, luckily) after a car accident and I have to figure out a way to move his car out of the middle of the street downtown and I have to be at work in a couple hours.

I call Krystal first before I call the store, because I knew that she was the closing manager that day. I call her crying (because I'm still freaking out that my husband could've died and that it could've been my fault because I sent him out) and tell her that I can't come in tonight because Mr. Lou was in a car accident and I need to make sure he's okay and also take care of the car. She hung up on me after saying "I can't believe you're calling off on me."

She texts me a few hours later to ask if he was okay, and if I could come into work yet. I did not respond.


Luckily, I put in my two weeks last Monday.

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