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I want to quit this job tomorrow and my mom is annoyed saying I can't just quit and that I need the money to pay for my interviews for grad school 'cause she can only help so much. Um, that's why I have the tutoring job PLUS the subbing stuff I'm starting next month and we don't even know who is gonna give me interviews until next month anyway so I still have time. She then continues to say I have no common sense and should have applied to do another year at Americorps (um that position was not going to be there this year it got moved to San Antonio so none of this makes sense) where I did nothing but sit in an office for a year. So basically I'm supposed to stay in shitty jobs where I'm miserable when I already got another job I'll be starting soon.

Does this make any sense to anyone? Why would I stay in a shitty retail job when I already got another job PLUS a subbing job that pertains to my field. Why would I want to be miserable all day and have my feet hurting all day when it doesn't have to be that way?

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