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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I'm trying to nap and can't nap.

My mom tells me to call my dad to see if he can drive me because it's going to cost around 3,000 dollars to rent whatever we have to rent to move my stuff up here. They want to know if my dad can take me and they will give us gas money. I understand the cost is expensive, but the way they explain things to me is like I'm a child. So they want me to call my dad today and I am just in no mood to speak to my father right now. My mom gets pissed and asks what's wrong with me because I'm quiet and staring into space. My stepdad says "Well maybe we can get your uncle to see if he can drive you".


I told her "I didn't say anything. Don't speak to me that way. I just want time tonight because I'm tired and I don't feel well." and then I walk off. I hear my stepdad mumble something about "Well then drive yourself" or something. I swear that's what he said. What the fuck did I even say? I didn't yell or scream. I'm clearly tired and just can't deal with it today and they have to go and do this bullshit.

I'm about to go tell them to fuck themselves and I will just put what I can into my car and drive myself up there. I'm tired of the bullshit already. They knew I was going to leave for months now and knew for a long time it was a HUGE possibility that I would be moving out of state. I understand things cost money. I understand it's a hassle. But don't talk to me like I'm fucking stupid.

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