My mom fell this morning walking down the steps in our garage. There are 3 steps but they cut off at the side at a certain point and they are high, so if you move too close to the left, you could definitely fall and hurt yourself.

I didn't see her actually fall, but I heard something like her yelping and her and my stepdad saying something loud enough to indicate something may be wrong. I head to the garage and she was sitting on the floor and before I could make it to see if she was ok, I heard him say something to the effect of "You've been living here how many years, and you don't know how to walk down these steps by now?". Yeah, asshole, because that's gonna reverse the fact that she fell.

I'm so sick of his asshole comments. The other day he looked like he was making corn bread, but I wasn't sure, so I asked "Hey, what are you making?" and he told me "Tortillas". I just walked away 'cause I'm tired of his sarcasm and when my mom asked him the same, he said the same thing to her.

I used to think this guy was just a jerk because he just felt like it. I don't know if there has been an actual increase in the demeaning and assholish comments in the past 2 years, but if not, I've definitely realized it's awful behavior more than I did before. Between this fucking guy and having to deal with my weird dad, I'm just over these people.