So some of you know I've been having a challenging time...anyway today was my first art market in my new home town. Last night I was laying in bed thinking about how ready I was...I mean I have NEVER felt so prepared for a show, EVER. So fucking ready, it had to be a good day, right? I wasn't expecting to make a lot of sales, just looking to make some contacts, pass out some cards, get some exposure. Sure, 2013-14 has been one long howling agony of loss, grief and betrayal, and lots of challenging shit has gone down, but i thought "it's gonna be a good day tomorrow. Your luck or karma or whatever is in the toilet right now, but you're going to be at an art fair and you are so ready! What could happen?"

Then I got up, got into my well-packed car, and totaled it. Everybody's okay, but I CREAMED the other guy, windshield, headlight, the whole right side.

Called a friend for help, got to the art fair two hours late, and found that at least half of the things I have been slaving over for weeks were damaged. Got finished setting up just in time to watch the sky turn black, and it started to POUR.

I'm home in dry PJs. My friend's car is full of wet and broken costume parts. I'm going to watch ALL THE PROJECT RUNWAYS and eat candy.