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Really bad day- whine

I have been back from holidays for less than a week. And I am just not doing well.

While we were away my stepson crashed our new car into a parked car, doing at least $15k worth of damage (covered by his insurance, but still we have no car for at least a month). His new job, delivering pizza, requires a car. He has been unemployed for over a year, so job is good. So we are buying him a very old car, which we will also be using.

On holiday, my husband maxed out his credit card and then some. Some of this isn’t his fault, it took two weeks for some of the items to come through, and he misestimated the exchange rate.


I have had stuff on this week in the evenings, which is made harder by the lack of vehicle and means I have had very little down time.

We borrowed a friends car to go look at the second hand car and do some errands. This morning the automatic car window dropped and will not come back up. That’s $300 repair- minimum.

Stepson has threatened we will not get to use “his” car. Also is asking why we don’t buy a house. Because we are spending all our money on you?!

My alarm clock is lying and telling me it is working and then not going off. We left the house an hour late this morning because of this. Not ideal when aligned with future reliance on public transport.


Co-workers wife had a baby today. That is good news but after 4 miscarriages and 8 years of infertility (and still nothing but a teenage stepson) my equanimity about babies is not always there. Other coworker thought that telling me coworker wasn’t in would be a good thing when I said I was having a bad morning. I yelled at him to shut up. Most of my co-workers are aware of some issues in this area, which is probably why my manager didn’t say anything about it, but he has not been here long. I generally don’t participate in baby discussions, but apparently that level of subtle is too much for him.

So to sum it up. We are bleeding money, I am tired, I am not emotionally balanced and I need a break.


I know that this will pass, we do earn enough and have savings to help and that worse things happen but I need to vent and cry and neither my work or home environment is enabling that.

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