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Really BBC?? You have to even ask??

Just because you don't have any significant Native American population doesn't mean you can wear headdresses. It's still offensive and still should not be done!

Oh and here's the really offensive part of the whole article!!

In the UK there is no significant Native American population. And what happens at a festival in Somerset is unlikely to matter much to Native Americans in the US, says Dr. Tim Lockley of the American Studies department at Warwick University. "I think they are more worried about jobs."


I just can't even.... here i'll let Mr. McKay address this issue head on

I see the statement but I also disagree with that because I believe psychological damage causes a lot of those afflictions that we're dealing with. It causes depression, depression causes addiction. Yes is feeding children and making sure they're not hungry when they go to bed important? Yes. But I also am looking at why this is going on and I do believe that there is some, some connection between racism and the depression that it causes, and it's generational.

And for those of you who think he's exaggerating, here's an article that came out in Psychology Today that talks about how damaging cultural appropriation and racism is to Native American children. So regardless of whether or not you have a large population of Native American's, wearing a headdress is still racist, so STAHP!!!

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