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Welcome To The Bitchery

Fresh on the heels of their announcement that they'd no longer be incredibly bigoted towards gay scouts and finally allow them to openly be in the program (of course, gay leaders are still not allowed), the BSA has now decided to use all that pent up hate and discrimination towards our culture's other great whipping boy, the overweight.

The National Scout Jamboree, which is a yearly camp event that hosts 50,000 Boy Scouts won't allow any Scout that is obese to participate this year. They're also doing it in about the rudest way possible; essentially their position is, hey, we published our weight guidelines earlier in the year and many campers simply changed their health regimens to be fitter so they could attend (translation: you're so lazy fatties, if you'd just tried a little bit you'd be able to come too!). Their follow up argument is that the location and activities this year are very challenging and physical - because they specifically designed them this year to be more challenging and physical. And of course, not allowing the overweight kids to attend makes a lot of sense, because everyone knows the best way to help and guide the overweight youth to health is by forcing them to stay at home and not engage in any physical activity.


For shame, BSA, for shame. If only I could shame you like you're shaming these kids right now - except, of course, even if I could I wouldn't because shaming people is proven to completely not work. Of course, you, as a huge organization whose primary goal is to help teach young boys to grow up well and guide them would know that though, you exclusionary bastards!

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