I know that celebrity gossip writers write as badly as sports reporters when shit gets real, but I honestly can't believe that this was an actual sentence somebody thought excused anything:

But before yesterday, I really didn't know the extent of R. Kelly's crimes. I'd heard the rumors, the jokes, the Aaliyah situation, the tossed off "child predator" label. A week ago, I thought R. Kelly had a problem with statutory rape of a handful of teenage girls. I did not realize the extent of his crimes until everyone began writing about this very disturbing Village Voice piece – go here to read it.

I had been curious what Celebitchy would do since that site has the biggest crush on Benedict Cumberbatch and expected some verbal legerdemain about how no-one should get mad about his little R.Kelly skit. BUT THIS? WHAT? WHAT? What can this mean? Since it was only a handful, you thought it was no big deal? It's not "rape-rape" until you can count them on both hands? Just fuck everything. For clarity: How many rapes makes a rapist? ONE.

ETA: I don't know if it's been posted here, but someone on Celebitchy linked to this lovely, disturbing Buzzfeed piece that attempts to show what this situation might look like to a poor black girl and why she "won't just tell." For the tl;dr version, read the last paragraph.