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So, Al Franken posted his longer apology wherein he requests an ethics hearing into his behavior. Ok, well, that’s a lot better than we normally get. Certainly far better than Moore, who denied and shamed his victims and had Breitbart literally track women down (which only wound up exposing more of his past).

The woman who accused him accepts his apology.

“The apology, sure I accept it, yes. People make mistakes and of course he knew he made a mistake,” Leeann Tweeden said. “So yes I do accept that apology. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t accept his apology.”

She said it’s up to Congress to decide if it wants to have an ethics investigation into Franken’s behavior, adding that she isn’t calling for Franken to step down, unless more women come forward.

“People make mistakes. I’m not calling for him to step down. That’s not my place to say that,” Tweeden said.

She said she wasn’t “looking for anything” when she shared her story.

I’m so conflicted about this. To me, what she’s saying is totally normal. If she wants to forgive him, that’s her decision. But then I’ve heard from other sources that before this happened, Roger Stone knew about it. Is that so unheard of though? She could have told him and then the next day said it. Basically, some people are saying this was a hit job. Saying Franken did the ‘right’ thing by openly calling for an investigation because he knew his accuser would back down. Of course everything about this woman’s past is being brought into question - she was in playboy (allegedly, but even so why would that matter), she’s been on Fox and Hannity before (allegedly, but again why would that matter. I also believe Kelley and Megan about Ailes), etc...


What do you guys think?

I, for one, am feeling exhausted. I feel like there are two teams of men using women (edit: well, any sexual assault survivors) as pawns in some political game. On the right AND left, I’ve seen men giddy about new allegations. As if this is some great thing!? Which would mean NONE of this truly matters. They still don’t care about women. They still don’t care about sexual assault survivors. It’s just some theater because they both want to paint each other as villains. It’s exhausting.

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