Please ask your dumb questions here, so I don't feel dumb for asking my question.

My dumb question: where the hell do dudes who don't like sports or sci fi hang out?

I miss having male friends specifically, but it seems to be impossible for me to ever be in a casual environment where other dudes congregate unless I'm at a gay bar. I know for a fact that my complete lack of interests in traditionally "masculine" things like sports or sci fi are a factor, and frankly my career trajectory doesn't help much. It's pretty easy for me to make lady friends simply because I am always around other women. Maybe it's my fault I never learned this because I went to an all women's college. I work on a team at work where there's only one guy, and we have nothing in common. All of my jobs prior have been female dominated (with the exception of working for a menswear designer at an all male burlesque review), and my interests gear mostly towards what would be considered more feminine things (crafting, dance, fashion, etc).

I know there are bars and coffee shops and stuff; but bars already have a bit of an implied hookup presumption, and most people I see in coffee shops for more than 5 minutes are just there on their laptops. I'm mostly asking this because I went to a training this morning at the animal shelter and, I kid you not, out of the 30 people there was only one dude. And he left early. And I'd say that's common for any kind of volunteering I do, it's mostly women who are volunteers.


So yeah, that's my dumb question. Do you have a dumb question?