So this morning I had to fill out a volunteer questionnaire and it asked for my stage name. Um.. I don't have a stage name, but how many times in life do you get to make one up? So after a number of suggestions (thank you kindly!) I decided to go with Aurora Flynn. Aurora based on the fact that Ariel is too on the nose for a pole dancer, plus I am an astronomy nerd. And Flynn because that's a nickname a friend gave me in high school; she thought that was my name a full year into knowing me.

Now I'm kinda looking at it like.... eh... do I really want to go by that moniker? It's already taken in other forms of social media, and Rory Flynn is already an actress. Of course, this is all in the very off chance that I ever compete one day that I'd use it professionally. I am really bad at naming things, including myself.

Do you also have ridiculous regrets that may not matter in the long run, or is that just me?