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Really frustrated, to the point of angry tears

So, I do fabric marbling and make it into awesome stuff. For the past few days I have had all these weird problems that have never happened to me.

Basically you make this firm solution (called a size) that thinned paint floats on; this allows for amazing pattern manipulation. Then it can be transferred to fabric or paper. So, the issue I've been having is that none of my paints are spreading out like they should. I have done every. single. troubleshooting thing I can think of. I tossed out the size and made a super thick one and added a chemical to the paints that help them spread. Nothing. I even watered them down to the point where it altered the colors. I mixed fresh colors. Nothing. I made the size thinner with water and tried again. Nothing. I made a completely fresh size in a smaller tray. Nothing.


I am seriously crying because I am so frustrated and confused. What should happen is that as I drop the paint on the surface of the size (I use plastic pipettes) it spreads out into circles about 3 inches in diameter. Instead its either sinking or just sitting there as a tiny dot.

The basic technique is pretty easy and I've been doing this for awhile. I have no idea what has changed. I have thrown out everything and mixed new stuff and it's still not working. What's more is that I have and enormous project planned and I have orders that I need to make. I've been excitedly talking about this project and felt so good about it and suddenly NOTHING IS WORKING CORRECTLY. WTF universe? I am really trying to pull out of my depression and work hard on something.

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