Today at my favorite grocery store. I went to the sample counter. What was on sale was Bloody Mary Mix that was featured. As a drink I was not interested. The woman behind the counter claimed it tasted better then V8. Ugh.

Now next to the drinks was chili in Bloody Mary Mix. That tasted real good. I was shocked. I then recalled where I heard of Bloody Mary’s and it was on the show The Jeffersons and it contained booze. I am not a drinker. I asked does this contain alcohol the server she said no they cannot serve alcohol in this sample area.

Well my mother was well god knows where. I then said to myself “let’s get a drink and a donut after I check the bakery”. I went to the milk fridge in front of the cash registers and got.this.

So I sauntered off to the bakery. On clearance was a lemon pie 8 imch regular $3.99 for $1.50. I thought “donut is 85 cents this is 65 cents more plus I know what I am having for breakfast”.


I bought the drink for $0.99 and the pie. I bought it at the cafeteria register. Do you know what the woman at the counter did? She asked if I wanted a plate if I was eating a slice in the cafetaria. I felt so good. She read my mind. I was going to ask for a plate unless it was against the rules. She gave me 2 paper plates she said the other in case your mother wanted a slice. I was floored. The store is so busy but she remembers I come in and my mother usually takes a bite of pizza when I get a slice or sip of my drnk..

Sadly, yes sadly. The lemon pie. I thought real lemons. Nope it was lemon pudding that is pie filling that comes in cans. I recognized the taste since my mother sometimes buys these cans. Not real lemons. When she buys this I just put a few spoonfuls in a dish with whipped cream and sliced fruit. The store also uses that filling in their donuts which is why I never buy their lemon donuts. I always get Boston Cream or Marshmallow. Not sure why they go with lemon pudding/pie mix with the lemon donuts.


Fairly positive this is the brand used. It tasted just like it. I never tried the strawberry filling nor banana cream.


Also the Hershey Milk Shake Cookies And Cream was really good. Well worth 99 cents.

My mother bought frozen burritos. She had dollar coupons and they were 99 cents so free. She bought quite a few. Well can you say bought when with coupons they were free? She had a bunch of coupons which she got when they were not 99 cents. Also other stuff.