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Really mad at Project Runway (spoilers!)

I am super mad at project runway. I am going to put some spacers so it doesn’t show in the tease, just in case someone hasn’t seen it yet. ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ————I am super duper mad that Kenya was not chosen for the final 4. She was the only one I cared about getting there - although I am very glad for Ayana and Margarita - less because of their designs and more because of their stories and that the attention could help them tremendously. But Kenya has had a super compelling story the whole time - homeless multiple times - and she is a fantastic designer for the multitudes of women’s shapes and sizes - and was the only one really who made nice things for the plus-sized models. If anyone could collaborate with JC Penney and create a collection that would appeal to a wide audience of women - it would be her. Her clothes were often a bit nerdy and vintage-y, and I liked the aesthetic. Instead they chose Kentaro - who I quite like, but his clothes are just too similar to Brandon’s (the latter whose finale collection looks to me to be repeats of other things he has done - although that flamingo pattern is amazing).

Margarita has had no clear point of view or aesthetic this whole season. I loved the brashness of the pattern she created and love some elements of what we have seen of the final collection. Given the state of Puerto Rico right now, I am glad she is on to bring broader awareness to the devastation there.

I’m glad Ayana is in the finale as well - I hate the term “modest fashion” but I appreciate clothes that allow women to choose to not show so much skin. I’m very glad to see a muslim woman in the final 4 - and I think her style is unique and counter to stereotypes of muslim women - and getting to see diverse muslim women is a really good thing. I am very curious about her friend (or “friend”?) Jax - but that is because I pretty much pick out queer subtext whenever I can.


But Kenya - how could they have cut her? It’s seriously a travesty. Her two looks were not great - but I so wanted to see the rest. Also, I really wish she had chosen a nice merlot color instead of the black like Tim suggested. It’s also unfortunate that his suggestion to have the black dress with a cover up was seen as so abhorrent to the judges (and I hope he told them he suggested it - I have a hunch he did).

Hopefully modcloth or eloquii or some company works with her to create a cute little line of clothes to help her launch her brand.

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