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Really minor pet peeve that I have no business being annoyed at

Hello my name is pulpo and I am clumsy.

And absent minded.

Which means that I drop stuff a lot. And also forget things. So, in general, I really appreciate the average kind Samaritan who lets me know when a spare glove, etc. has been left behind.


But also, jesus christ, when I drop stuff, would you give me a hot SECOND to see if I pick it up on my own? I was walking around New York all day with my hands full, which meant that I was constantly loosing my grip on various things. And it felt like before a glove or say, my earbuds could even hit the ground, I would have someone leaning in to tell me that, “oh hey, you’ve dropped something.” Which, ya think? The whole thing ends of feeling more like a call out, then a helpful hint from a good samaritan.

So that’s my gripe. People are too damn helpful.

What do you want to bitch about that you really have no business bitching about?

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