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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Really Miss Going Out

I am finally living alone after long separation and cohabitation with soon to be ex spouse. I survived by having an active social life. I also don’t mind going to dinner/happy hour alone. Now I live alone, work from home, and only socialize with one person (someone I’ve been dating for about a year).

Its open, so I was free to date others, but that’s out of the question now. I live in a new and unfamiliar neighborhood about 15 miles from where I’ve lived for almost 7 years. I feel so isolated.


Before, I was fine to pop out alone for dinner and drink at a bar. Even though stuff is reopening, it some how feels insane and weird to do something alone.

I feel like I spend too much time fretting about my new/evolving relationship, but I have no other human contact. I need solo hobbies that don’t require leaving the house, but it’s hard when it feels forced. I am really struggling. Anyone else (former social butterflies especially) slowly going insane?

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