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Really now...

There is this geek group I’m in on Facebook, and a woman literally just posted “I think there should be movies with Disney Princes. Why do the girls always get the movies? The guys are in them a little but the focus is always the girl. We need a new bad ass prince I’m a little tired of the “girls need good role models” excuse, so do boys. End rant lol”

Fortunately most of the comments are pointing out all the male led Disney movies (Robin Hood, Finding Nemo, Lion King, Toy Story, Tarzan, Bambi, etc). But, she is literally replying with things like “Well I was thinking of human role models for boys like they seem to think girls need. Boys want to be Knights, and fight the bad guy. I just think they should give a little more to a guy. Yeah but the guy is always supporting the girl on her journey. He should have one of his own.”


I finally responded with “If you want to find human male leads for an example for your son, you can look to almost other media beyond the Disney Princess movies. As many have pointed out, most of the non-princess movies star male leads. Most other animation studios movies star male leads, most non-animated movies not aimed specifically at women star men, most televions shows have male leads. I think even without a “Disney Prince”, your son can find a large variety of male role models in the media.” But, I’m sure that isn’t enough for her.

ETA: “I loved all my Disney movies growing up and wish there were more that would appeal to my son. I know there are male leads out there not princes and not Disney but they don’t usually get the type of recognition and hype as the Princess do.” So....because she likes one specific set of movies, but her son doesn’t, they need to change it so it can be more male led.....? How about she instead tries to help her son enjoy movies about both men and women (which I know can be easier said than done, but she seems like the kind of person that won’t even try)

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