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I'm getting the Mirena!! I know there are a lot of happy IUD users on GT, and I have trolled through all of the past posts on IUDs to try to prep myself for this. But there is one thing I can't find an answer for.

When I switch from combination birth control (Marvelon) to the Mirena, will my boobs shrink? :(


I have been on the pill since I was 17, and went off it for a month in my early 20s - my breasts definitely did start to get smaller, but then I went back on it. I know the Mirena is hormonal, but only, like 5% of that ends up in your blood stream. So what say you, IUD users? Did you notice a change when you switched? Or if you weren't on oral bc, did you notice a change when you got your IUD?

Also, side PSA for Canadians: I think our IUD options are different than Americans! I thought I was all prepared (from reading so much GT stuff along with other internet research), but the differences between the copper IUD and Mirena are different for us. For one, my doc said both only last 5 years - I was under the impression the copper one lasts for 10, so it must either be different, or we regulate differently. She also said that there's no discernable pain difference between the Mirena and the copper IUD because they're basically the same size, and common wisdom seemed to be that the copper one hurts more during the procedure (I keep wanting to say 'installation'). Maybe our copper one is slightly smaller, hence the pain similarity and the year difference? She never used the word 'Paraguard'. I also am 26 and have never had a kid, but she didn't even mention the smaller hormonal bc, which is called JS or JD or something, not the Skyla - so evidently she was not worried that it wouldn't fit. She prescribed some tablets for me to put in my vagina 6 hours beforehand that will soften my cervix a bit. Interesting!

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