Puppies for spacer!

I promise I’m making a doctor’s appointment on Monday! But maybe someone else had experienced this, and can comfort my fears. For a little while now, I’ve had this rash under one boob. It’s just recently gotten kind of worse. But since the beginning, it’s been kind of...oozing? Not like, pus or anything, but you know how when you get a tattoo, and there’s this like, clear fluid that beads on the skin from the ink being forced in? It’s kind of like that. It took me as long as it did to notice because I had thought it was just sweat, and my right boob was way sweatier than my left. But then it started hurting, so I checked it out in a mirror, and there’s definitely a rash there. I’ve been trying to keep it super dry, since it seems more like the kind of rash I get from wearing damp clothes for too long, not dry skin, but it’s hard, because it keeps oozing, which is counterproductive. If it matters, my boobs are fucking enormous.

I’m not going to need a mastectomy am I? Does anyone have any suggestions, either of what it is, or what I can do?

You’re all lovely people, hopefully any responses will have more consensus than my shoe post.