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So, I was browsing NBC News when I came across a *lovely* news item.

Apparently, a sports bar in Philadelphia decided it would be really funny to make a joke about domestic violence.

The message, scribed in colored chalk, read: "I like my beer like I like my violence… domestic." It was posted Saturday afternoon outside Bar-Ly at 11th and Appletree Streets in the Chinatown section of the city.


When the local NBC station contacted Bar-Ly for comment, the person who answered the phone and didn't give his name said he had written the sign, but it had been taken down due to people's complaints. He then said, "I personally didn't think it was offensive."

The bar ultimately fired the responsible employee, and through a statement, the owner said, "In no way does Bar-Ly condone domestic violence nor do we find it humorous," a statement read. "We are sorry to everyone who was offended."

All I have to say about the stupidity of the decision to even put this sign up: REALLY?!?!


Source: NBC Philadelphia

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