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Really want to just skip class

Uggghhhhhhhhh blah. I am feeling so tired and not at all in the mood for sitting in a classroom for two and a half hours today. :/ I haven’t done all the readings and I can’t seem to focus on them—I am not feeling especially motivated but even when I really tried I felt distracted by anxiety. This class is only once a week and she is handing out the take home midterm today so I need to go, but uggghhhhhhhhh. I just want to call in sick. My head kind of hurts? Mehhh I know I need to go to class and stop whining.

I had a therapist appointment this morning where I was finally able to talk about all the shit that’s been going down in my life lately with a professional, and having it all out like that was intense; it left me pretty much wiped out.

Send encouragement? Remind me how important it is that I go to the class I am already on campus for?

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